Welcome to the Boston University Number Theory Expository Seminar!

Each semester we find some cool topic to learn about and are always interested in seeing more people involved! If you'd like to attend and/or give a talk, feel free to do so! Contact me at angusmca(at)bu(dot)edu if you have any questions.

For topics up until 2020, thanks to Alex Best, we had a compilation of notes in two different formats: HTML and PDF

Here you can see some of the topics of previous/current semesters. Click the links to see the website for that semester.

Year Semester Topic
2022 Spring Class Field Theory
2021 Fall Shimura Varieties
2021 Spring Cohomology Theories
2020 Fall Complex Multiplication
2020 Spring Abhyankar's Conjecture
2019 Fall Gross Zagier
2019 Spring Tools for Fermat's Last Theorem
2018 Fall A Cornucopia of Number Theory
2018 Spring Dessins d'Enfants
2017 Fall Abelian Varieties