AMS Student Chapter

The AMS sponsors us to run various mathematics-related events! Below is a collection of recents seminars and information sessions that this has supported. You can also find information on our department webpage.

Community Seminar

We have a seminar which students can use to speak on any topic of their choosing. Be that related to their research, practice for an upcoming presentation, or just some fun mathematics they came across recently!

Semester Date Speaker Title
Fall 2020 Oct 9 Angus McAndrew How to Prove the Hodge Conjecture (slides)
Fall 2019 Sep 27 Max Heldman Multigrid methods for elliptic variational problems
Fall 2019 Oct 8 Oana Adascalitei Rational Points on Fermat Quartics
Fall 2019 Dec 5 James LaDouce Understanding the Path Integral through BV Quantisation

Professional Development and Information Sessions

We run events to give students useful information and assistance for various important issues relating to mathematics and grad school.

The graduate school panel for undergraduates.
Semester Date Title
Fall 2019 Sep 30 NSF Application Workshop
Fall 2019 Oct 10 Grad School Panel
Fall 2019 Oct 17 First Year Info Session
Fall 2019 Oct 23 Summer Options Panel

Community Fund

A previous BU mathematics graduate student kindly left a sum of money for us to run community building events for the current students.

Some of us on a hike on Nov 1st.

Bagel "Seminar"

Every week we run an informal event for graduate students to eat bagels, drink tea/coffee, and just socialise.

Time: Monday 10am-12pm

Location: MCS 241


When we can find a free moment for a bunch of us, we try to get outside the confines of the university to enjoy ourselves a bit!