UPDATE: Not dead yet! I've been messing around with archive.org and the Wayback Machine, and I see my page has been archived since March of 98. That's an eternity in web-years, so lest anyone think this is yet another abandon-web-site, it's not! Well, ok, it is, but hopefully not for long

David -- November 27, 2013

I am a former graduate student in the Mathematics Department at Boston University, having completed my doctoral work. I am also formerly a National Research Council postgraduate fellow at the US Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC. For more (out of date) details about me, please see: For Curiosity below.

For Inquiry

Existence of axisymmetric solutions in the 2-D Gray-Scott model, and their destabilization into spots D. Morgan, T. Kaper. In preparation.

Stationary periodic patterns in the 1D Gray-Scott model D. Morgan, A. Doelman, T. Kaper, Methods and Applications of Analysis, 7 (1) 105--150.

(Also see links under For Curiosity for my current research interests, and For Enrichment for more about pattern formation.)

For Curiosity

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Dave Morgan