Number Theory - MA 341 - Spring 2018

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Course: MA 341, Number Theory
Instructor: Jared Weinstein
Lectures: MWF 2:30 pm - 3:20 pm in CAS 214
Discussion: W 4:40 pm - 5:30 pm in CAS 208
Office Hours: F 11:00 am - 12:00 pm in MCS 227

Course Overview

This course is about number theory, the study of the whole numbers and their properties. Number theory is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, but it has powerful modern applications in cryptography. Topics will include primes, the Euclidean algorithm, congruences, primitive roots, finite fields, and the law of quadratic reciprocity.

Notes and assignments

Here are the lecture notes for the class; check here for assignments as well. There is no textbook for this course.

Assignments and Exams

I will be assigning problem sets every week which will usually be due on Fridays. You are allowed and encouraged to work together on homework assignments, but you must hand in solutions which are written in your own words. Select problems from each problem set will be graded and returned to you the following week.

The grading scheme is: Homeworks 70%, Midterm 10%, Final 20%. Because doing homework assignments regularly is so important for this class, I have given them a high weight in the grading scheme. It may be the case that an emergency prevents you from handing in an assignment on time. That is why I will drop the lowest score from your homework average. Late homework will not be accepted.

At this stage I cannot be very specific about how many points you must get to achieve each letter grade. An A grade will only be given to those students who have a very deep understanding of the material, who not only know the definitions and theorems but can easily apply them to various situations. To achieve this understanding, I recommend the following: Attend every lecture, attempt every assignment, come to office hours, and discuss the material with each other.

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