Drinfeld Modules - MA841 - Fall 2017

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Course: MA841
Instructor: Jared Weinstein
Lectures: MWF 11:15 - 12:05 in CAS 221
Office Hour: TBA

Course Overview

Drinfeld modules were introduced by V. Drinfeld in 1974 as a function field (characteristic p) analogue of elliptic curves. Many of the familiar structures appearing in the theory of elliptic curves (Galois representations, modular forms, etc.) have analogues in the world of Drinfeld modules. What's more, results are known to be true in the Drinfeld setting which are not yet known in the characteristic 0 setting. The goal is to explain Drinfeld's work on the Langlands correspondence for GL(2) over a function field.

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes on Drinfeld modules

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