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Ryan N. Goh's Home Page

Contact Info

Ryan Nolan Goh
Assistant Professor
   Email: rgoh@bu.edu
   Office: MCS 237B
   Phone: 617-358-2392
   111 Cummington Mall
   Boston, MA 02215 USA


Office Hours

TBD or by appointment.

Research Interests

Dynamical Systems, Pattern Formation, PDE

Current Teaching

  • Spring 2019 MA 226
  • Preprints

    S. Chhabra, L. Liu, R. Goh, A. Warmflash. Dissecting the dynamics of signaling events in the BMP, WNT, and NODAL cascade during self-organized fate patterning in human gastruloids.
    bioRxiv 440164; ( Preprint )

    Refereed Publications

    M. Avery, R. Goh, O. Goodloe, A. Milewski, A. Scheel. Growing stripes, with and without wrinkles
    SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Sys., 18 (2019), 1078–1117. ( Preprint )
    [ Supplementary Materials], [ Movie of the moduli space with delicate arch! ], [ Code Repository ]
    R. Goh, C. E. Wayne. Vortices in stably-stratified rapidly rotating Boussinesq convection,
    Nonlinearity, 32 R1 (2019). (Preprint )
    R. Goh, A. Scheel. Pattern-forming fronts in a Swift-Hohenberg equation with directional quenching - parallel and oblique stripes,
    J. London Math. Soc., 98 (2018), 104-128. (Preprint )
    Z. Wang, R. Goh, K. Bazargan, A. Scheel, N. Saraf. Stochastic Implementation and Analysis of Dynamical System Similar to the Logistic Map,
    IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, (2016), 99, 1-13.
    R. Goh, R. Beekie, D. Matthias, J. Nunley, A. Scheel. Universal wavenumber selection laws in apical growth,
    Phys. Rev. E 94 (2016), 022219. (Preprint )
    R. Goh, A. Scheel. Pattern formation in the wake of triggered pushed fronts,
    Nonlinearity 29 (2016), 2196. (Preprint )
    R. Goh, A. Scheel. Hopf bifurcation from fronts in the Cahn-Hilliard equation
    Arch. Ration. Mech. An. 217 (2015), 1219-1263. (Preprint )
    R. Goh, A. Scheel. Triggered Fronts in the Complex Ginzburg Landau Equation
    J. Nonlinear Science 24 (2014), 117-144. (Preprint )
    R. Goh, S. Mesuro, A. Scheel. Spatial Wavenumber Selection in Reccurrent Precipitation
    SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Sys. 10 (2011), 360-402 (Preprint )

    Book Chapters

    R. Goh, S. Mesuro, A. Scheel Coherent structures in reaction-diffusion models for precipitation
    Special volume on "Precipitation patterns in reaction-diffusion systems", Research Signpost (2010), 73-93. (Preprint)

    Courses Taught

    Posters and Presentations

    Front dynamics and pattern formation in the wake of triggered instabilities

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    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Boston University

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