Motives, Quantum Field Theory, and Pseudodifferential Operators

Boston University — June 2-13, 2008

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Participants include:

P. Albin Y. Andre S. Bloch
J. Bluemlein L. Boutet de Monvel F. Brown
P. Cartier A. Carey C. Consani
D. Ellwood L. Foissy H. Gangl
A. Goncharov M. Hoffman D. Kreimer
M. Lesch M. Levine Y. Maeda
D. Manchon V. Mathai R. Melrose
J. Mickelsson R. Nest S. Paycha
R. Ponge F. Rochon S. Rosenberg
S. Scott W. van Suijlekom K. Wojciechowski
K. Yeats N. Yui  

Conference topics include:


Talks and abstracts by speaker (with expected attendence dates) include:

P. Albin (6/2 - 6/13)
A Families Index Theorem for Manifolds with Hyperbolic Cusps
Y. Andre (6/7 - 6/11)
Report on Motivic Zeta- and L-functions
S. Bloch (6/4 - 6/9)
Limiting Mixed Hodge Structures and Renormalization
J. Bluemlein (6/7 - 6/13)
Structural Relations of Finite Nested Harmonic Sums and Mellin Transforms
L. Boutet de Monvel (6/2 - 6/13)
Asymptotic Equivariant Trace and Index, and Residual Trace of Toeplitz Operators
F. Brown (6/2 - 6/13)
Feynman Integrals and Multiple Zeta Values
P. Cartier (6/5 - 6/13)
From the Functional Integral to the Schwinger Parametric Representation of Feynman Integrals
C. Consani (6/2 - 6/3)
Motives and Noncommutative Geometry
L. Foissy (6/7 - 6/13)
Combinatorial Dyson-Schwinger Equations and Faa di Bruno Subalgebras in the Hopf Algebra of Rooted Trees
H. Gangl (6/3 - 6/10)
An Introduction to Polylogarithms and Multiple Zeta Values
A. Goncharov (6/2 - 6/13)
A Feynman Integral for the Motivic Rational Homotopy Type of a Complex Variety
D. Kreimer (6/2 - 6/13)
Hopf Algebras and Numbers: the Recursive Structure of Green's Functions
M. Lesch (6/3 - 6/10)
Pseudodifferential Operators and Regularized Traces
M. Levine (6/2 - 6/13)
Three Lectures on Motives
D. Manchon (6/2 - 6/13)
Connected Hopf Algebras and Renormalization
J. Mickelsson (6/3 - 6/13)
Fractional Loop Groups
R. Nest (6/9 - 6/13)
Spectral Flow Associated to KMS States with Periodic KMS Group Action
S. Paycha (6/2 - 6/13)
Germs of Holomorphic Symbols in Quantum Field Theory and Number Theory
F. Rochon (6/2 - 6/13)
On the Topology of the Space of Invertible Pseudodifferential Operators of Order Zero
R. Ponge (6/5 - 6/13)
A Microlocal Approach to Fefferman's Program in Conformal and CR Geometry
C. Schneider (6/9 - 6/13)
Difference Field Algorithms and Algebraic Independence of Nested Sums and Products
S. Scott (6/2 - 6/10)
Determinant Structures (or, What is a Log?)
W. van Suijlekom (6/7 - 6/13)
Renormalization using Hopf algebras and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism
M. Varghese (6/3 - 6/13)
T-duality and Loop Groups; The Index of Projective Families of Elliptic Operators
K. Yeats (6/2 - 6/13)
The Behavior of Dyson-Schwinger Equations in Interesting Examples
N. Yui (6/2 - 6/13)
Mirror Symmetry for Elliptic Curves; The Modularity of Calabi-Yau Threefolds over Q

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