Center for Mathematical Physics at Boston University 

Two faculty members represented the Center initially in the 01/02 academic year:
Arthur Jaffe (visiting in BU 01/02)  and  Dirk Kreimer.
Also,  Steven Rosenberg is affiliated with the Center.

The Center focuses as a platform for research into the mathematical
structure of quantum field theory, with emphasis on the algebraic aspects of perturbation theory,
and relations between Feynman graphs and polylogarithms.

Courses taught at the center include
MA557 (with a focus on perturbative QFT)
MA831 (leading to non-perturbative aspects).

We are located in the Math.Dept.,111 Cummington Street, in office 265, 267. 

Students working with Kreimer (partly here at BU, partly at IHES) include(d):
Karen Yeats (BU Math, soon SFU, Ca),
Andrea Velenich (BU Physics),
Christoph Bergbauer (FU Berlin, soon...),
Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard (U.Bonn and IHES, now U. Mulhouse).
Igor Mencattini (BU Math, now U. Genua),
Isabella Bierenbaum (U.Mainz, now DESY Theory, Zeuthen)

See here for graduate studies in the Math Department at BU.
Most importantly, we have a Seminar. Have a look also at this conference.
To get to us by T: Take the Green line Westbound B train and exit at BU Central (beyond the Kenmore Square stop).