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Fall 2014 Courses

MA242 Linear Algebra

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MA725 Differential Geometry

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My research interests are in differential geometry in finite and infinite dimensions, particularly with applications to/from mathematical physics. Almost all this work uses Laplacian-type operators sooner or later. My current work focuses on characteristic classes for infinite dimensional bundles, with collaborations with Andres Larrain-Hubach, Yoshi Maeda, Sylvie Paycha, Simon Scott, and Fabian Torres-Ardila. Older work includes the functional/zeta determinant of Laplacians, which is a key element of quantum field theory (or non-theory), and (with K. D. Elworthy and Xue-Mei Li) applications of Brownian motion to differential geometry. This has given a series of results of the type: topological condition A on a compact manifold implies that metrics of type B cannot exist on the manifold. In particular, these theorems extend the classical Bochner and Myers type theorems. Heat operators associated to Laplacians figure heavily in this work; after all, Brownian motion is supposed to model heat flow as an example of infinite dimensional Riemannian geometry. More recently, in a series of papers with Andres Larrain-Hubach, Yoshiaki Maeda, Sylvie Paycha, Simon Scott and Fabian Torres-Ardila, we've studied primary and secondary characteristic classes on infinite dimensional manifolds such as loop spaces; here the Laplacians enter in the curvature of connections on these manifolds

Other work: Yoshiaki Maeda, Philippe Tondeur and I have worked on the geometry of the gauge orbits in the space of connections, and on the geometry of the orbits of the diffeomorphism group in the space of metrics on a manifold. Mihail Fromosu and I have studied Mathai-Quillen forms, which have formal applications in QFT and rigorous applications in differential geometry. There are also preprints on length spaces (with Deane Yang), on quantum cohomology (with Mihaela Vajiac), on Lax pairs and Feynman diagrams (with Gabriel Baditoiu), and on applications of differential topology to analysis of networks (with Cedric Geneset, Prakash Balanchandran, and Eric Kolaczyk).

Here is a list of available preprints/reprints.

My book, "The Laplacian on a Riemannian Manifold," now in its second (corrected) printing, is also available. This book is aimed at graduate students who have had a basic course in manifolds through integration of forms. The goal is to get students to appreciate current areas of research in global geometry. The book covers Hodge theory, basics of differential geometry, heat flow on functions and forms, the heat equation/supersymmetric proof of the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet theorem, an overview of the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem, the zeta function for Laplacians and analytic torsion. There are lots of exercises. You can preview the introduction. The price is $128.00 for hardcover (ISBN 0 521 46300 9) and $51.00 for paperback (ISBN 0 521 46831 0). You can order copies (no upper limit) from the publisher, Cambridge University Press. Alternatively, you can view the book here. Feel free to print it out, but consider making a donation to a good cause in lieu of buying the text. I would like to thank Cambridge University Press for allowing me to make the text available online, in contrast to the attitude of other math text publishers.

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