Boston University Geometry Seminar
Fall 2005

Wed 4:00 - 5:00 in Room MCS 148

Tea: 3:45 - 4:00 in Room MCS 153

October 5
Pan Peng
On a ring structure of topological
string partition function
October 12
Hiroyuki Matsumoto
(Nagoya U.)
Brownian motions on hyperbolic spaces
and Selberg trace formula
October 19
Reimundo Heluani
Super Vertex Algebras and Super Curves
October 26
Tara Holm
(U. Conn. at Storrs)
Orbifold cohomology of abelian symplectic reductions
Special Date, Time, and Room
November 3
Room MCS B23
Tea: 3-3:30 in MCS 153
Marco Gualtieri
Quotients of Courant algebroids and generalized geometries
November 9
Jacob Lurie
Elliptic cohomology and
derived algebraic geometry
November 16
Katrin Wendland
(Chapel Hill and Warwick)
A duality between "nearly attractive" quartic K3's
and Z_4 orbifold limits of K3
Special Date, Time, and Room
November 17
Room MCS 149
Tea: 3-3:30 in MCS 153
Jonathan Weitsman
(Santa Cruz)
Measures on Banach Manifolds and
Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory
November 23
Fall Recess
No Seminar
November 30
Veronique Godin
String topology and the combinatorics
of the mapping class group
December 7
Elizabeth Mann
Langlands duality for real groups, via the affine Grassmannian

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