Boston University Geometry Seminar
Spring 2005

Wed 3:00 - 4:00 in Room MCS 148

Tea: 2:45 - 3:00 in Room MCS 153

January 26
Mihnea Popa
Castelnuovo theory and the geometric Schottky problem
Special Date and Room
January 31
Room: MCS 135
Matthew Szczesny
(U. Penn.)
The chiral de Rham complex, orbifolds,
elliptic genera, and automorphic forms
Special Date and Room
February 4
Room: MCS 149
Alessandro Chiodo
Compactifying the stack of higher spin
curves without ramifications
Special Date and Room
February 7
Room: PSY B55
Maxim Vybornov
(Boston University)
How perverse is TQFT?
Special Date, Time, and Room
February 8 at 2pm
Room: MCS 135
Tea: 3:00 in MCS 149
Justin Sawon
(Stony Brook)
Derived equivalence of algebraic varieties
February 16
Takashi Kimura
(Boston University)
The stringy K-theory of orbifolds
and the Chern character
February 23
Olga Plamenevskaya
Khovanov homology, Ozsvath-Szabo invariants,
and contact structures
March 2
Andrew Linshaw
Chiral equivariant cohomology
March 9
No Seminar
Spring Break
March 16
Ilia Zharkov
Kahler affine structures and Calabi conjecture
Special Date, Time, and Room
March 22, 12-1
Room: PSY B35
Tea 11:30-12 in MCS 153
John M. Lee
(U. Washington Seattle)
A new approach to the local CR embedding problem
March 23
Raphael Ponge
(Ohio State)
A new short proof of the local index formula
of Atiyah-Singer and some of its applications
March 30
Satyan Devadoss
An introduction to graph-associahedra
April 6

No Seminar
April 13
Tom Braden
(U. Mass. Amherst)
Koszul duality for perverse sheaves on dual toric varieties
(joint work with V. Lunts)
April 20
No Seminar
Monday Class Schedule
April 27
Dragos Oprea
The Vafa-Intriligator formula via virtual localization
May 4
Tom Coates
Three views of the J-function

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