BU Mathematical Physics Seminar 

Fall 2007

Thursday 3:30 - 5:00 at Boston University 

The seminar is often followed by a dinner with the speaker (please ask at the end of the seminar for details)

Tea will be served at 3:15, the talk will start around 3:30

Room MCS180 in the Math Dept.
September 13
Cookies and Tea semester opening
September 20
Dirk Kreimer (IHES and BU)
Nonperturbative aspects of QFT
September 28
no seminar
October 04
Karen Yeats (BU)
Visualizing solutions to Dyson Schwinger equations
October 12(!) Room 149
Andrea Sportiello (U. Milano, INFN and NYU)
Potts Model, O(n) non-linear sigma-models and Spanning Forests
October 18
Susama Agarwala (Johns Hopkins U.)
Differential geometry on a renormalization bundle
October 25
Christoph Bergbauer (FU Berlin)
On renormalization in coordinate space
November 1
Spencer Bloch (U.Chicago)
Renormalization and mixed Hodge Structures
November 8
Paul Norbury (BU and U. of Melbourne)
Lattice point counting and ribbon graphs
November 15  

No seminar
November 29  

Ivan Horozov (Brandeis U.)
Properties of n-dimensional iterated integrals
 December 6
Kevin Costello (Northwestern U.)
Renormalisation and the Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism