MA776 - Partial Differential Equations - Fall 2015

TR 130-300pm in MCS 144

Contact Information

Instructor: Margaret Beck
Office: MCS 228
Phone: 617-358-3314
Email: mabeck -at-
Office Hours: M 1-2, R 3-4, or by appointment

  • Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept 15.
  • Starting Tuesday Oct 20 and for the rest of the semester we will meet on TR from 130-300. Also, starting on Thursday Oct 22 and for the rest of the semester my Thursday office hours will no longer be from 330-430 but will instead be from 3-4.
  • On Tuesday, Nov 3, class will be held in STH B20.
  • On Tuesday, Nov 17: we will not have lecture, because the Brown/BU PDE seminar will meet at BU from 2-6pm. You are all strongly encouraged to attend the seminar, especially the part from 2-3, when our class usually meets. More details.
  • On Tuesday, Nov 17: Please turn in your HW by placing it in my mailbox by 130pm. Thanks!

Course Info
This course is a graduate level introduction to the mathematical theory of partial differential equations. The basic plan for the course is to cover Chapters 1-2, parts of Chapter 3, most of Chapter 5, and parts of Chapters 6-7 in the book by Evans. Topics will include (time-permitting)

The main book we will use is Another book which you may find useful is