Gross-Siebert Program Learning Seminar

Organizers: Qile Chen (BC), Yu-Shen Lin (BU)
The meeting will be on Tuesday 1:30-3pm via Zoom, please email Qile or Yu-Shen for the Zoom Links.
Old seminar schedule is Fall 2019 Spring 2020

  1. [GHK] Mirror Symmetry for log Calabi-Yau surfaces I
  2. [GHK2] The mirror of the cubic surface
Date Topic Speaker Notes
Sep 22 Tropicalization of Log Calabi-Yau Surfaces Honglu Fan Fan 1 Fan 2
Oct 6 Modified Mumford Degnerations I Qile Chen Qile
Oct 20 Modified Mumford Degeneration II Qile Chen Qile
Oct 27 Broken Lines Yu-Shen Lin Yu-Shen
Nov 3 Canonical Scattering Diagrams Yu-Shen Lin Yu-Shen
Nov 10 Smoothness around GS locus Lawrence Barrott Lawrence
Nov 17 Extension over Boundary Strata Qile Chen Qile
Dec 1 Mirror Symmetry of Cubic Surfaces Lawrence Barrott