Boston University Geometry Seminar
Spring 2006

Wed 3:00 - 4:00 in Room MCS 149

Tea: 2:45 - 3:00 in Room MCS 180

February 1
Tyler Jarvis
(Brigham Young)
Quantum cohomology and mirror symmetry
for quasi-homogeneous singularities
February 8
Ralph Kaufmann
(University of Connecticut, Storrs)
Cell level actions of moduli space
February 15
Andrew Linshaw
Chiral equivariant cohomology
February 22
Edward Goldstein
Volume minimization and estimates
for isotropic submanifolds
March 1
Tomoo Matsumura
(Boston University)
Orbifold cohomology of wreath product orbifolds
March 8
Spring Break
No Seminar
Special Date
March 13
3:00 in PSY B39
Tea: 2:45 in MCS 180
Stephen Anco
(Brock University)
Geometric origin of group invariant soliton
equations and integrable curve flows
March 22
Joel Kamnitzer
Mirkovic-Vilonen cycles on the affine Grassmannian
March 29
Dan Abramovich
Stellar subdivisions and blowing up
April 5
Alvaro Pelayo
(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Non-Hamiltonian symplectic torus actions
April 12
Sebastian Casalaina-Martin
Prym varieties and the Schottky problem
for cubic threefolds
April 19
(No Seminar)
April 26
Kirill Vaninsky
(Michigan State U., East Lansing)
Poisson structure on meromorphic functions defined
on Riemann surfaces and classical integrable models

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