Prepublications by Glenn Stevens

The following have been submitted for publication
  1. Rigidity of p-adic cohomology classes of congruence subgroups of GL(N,Z) (with Avner Ash and David Pollack)

Other Manuscripts and Drafts by Glenn Stevens

  1. The Missing p-adic L-function (with Robert Pollack)
  2. Computations with overconvergent modular symbols (with Robert Pollack)
  3. Eisenstein Cohomology and p-adic L-functions (with Duff Campbell)
  4. p-Adic Deformations of Cohomology on GL(n): the Non-Ordinary Case (with Avner Ash)
  5. Coleman's ${\cal L}$-invariant and families of modular forms
  6. Rigid analytic modular symbols
  7. Deforming the Gauss-Manin Connection
  8. Distributions and Log-Differentials on Wide Open Spaces
  9. Computing Overconvergent Modular Symbols on X_0(11)