Boston University Geometry and Physics Seminar
Fall 2018

Wed. 4:00 - 5:00 in Room MCS 148

Tea: 3:45 - 4:00 in Room MCS 148

Sep 12th
Chris Gerig
(Harvard University)
A geometric interpretation of the Seiberg-Witten invariants
Sep 19th
Dohyeong Kim
Discrete Hodge star operator for triangulated manifolds
Sep 26th
Junliang Shen
Gromov-Witten invariants and special subvarieties in HyperKahler varieties
Oct 3rd
Brian Williams
(Northeastern University)
The higher dimensional Kac-Moody and Virasoro algebras
Oct 10th
Sachin Gautam
(Ohio State University)
Isomorphism between quantum and classical sl(n)
Oct 17th
Peter Crooks
(Northeastern University)
Mishchenko-Fomenko theory on a special family of Hessenberg varieties
Oct 24th
Liam Fitzpatrick
(Boston University)
The conformal bootstrap and quantum field theory
Oct 31st

No Seminar this week.

Nov 7th
(MCS B21)
Hans-Joachim Hein
(Fordham University)
Nilpotent structures and collapsing Ricci-flat metrics on K3 surfaces
Nov 14th
(MCS B21)
Kyler Siegel
(Columbia University)
Higher symplectic capacities
Nov 21st

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 29th
(Thu, MCS B21)
Owen Gwilliam
(University of Mass, Amherst)
Symmetries in the BV formalism & higher Kac-Moody algebras
Dec 5th
(4:30 - 5:30)
Dori Bejleri
Compact moduli of elliptic fibrations and degree one del Pezzo surfaces

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