Boston University Geometry and Physics Seminar
Fall 2020

Wed. 4:00 - 5:00 via Zoom unless specified

Sep 2nd
no seminar
Sep 9th
Gao Chen
University of Wisconsin-Madison
The J-equation, dHYM equation, and cscK metrics
Sep 16th
Philip Engel
University of Georgia
Compactification of K3 Moduli
Sep 23th
Chris Woodward
Rutgers University
Fukaya Categories of Blow-Ups
Sep 30th
Hang Yuan
Stony Brook University
Family Floer Theory of Toric Manifolds
Oct 7th
Guangbo Xu
Texas A&M University
Compactness of instantons and the Atiyah-Floer conjecture
Oct 14th
David Jordan
University of Edinburgh
Cluster quantization of character stacks as a singular topological field theory
Oct 21th
Tudor Dimofte
University of Edinburgh & UC Davis
3d A & B models, mirror symmetry, and HOMFLY homology
Oct 28th
Daniel Pomerleano
University of Massachusetts, Boston
Intrinsic Mirror Symmetry and Categorical Crepant Resolutions
Nov 5th
Laura Fredrickson
University of Oregon
The asymptotic geometry of the Hitchin moduli space
Nov 11th
Angela Gibney
Rutgers University
Vertex algebras of CohFT-type
Nov 18th
Jeff Hicks
University of Cambridge
Lagrangian submanifolds in almost toric fibrations
Nov 25th
Thanksgiving Recess

Dec 2rd
Pierrick Bousseau
CNRS, Universite Paris Saclay
Positivity for the skein algebra of the 4-puncture sphere
Dec 9th
Hulya Arguz
University of Versailles - Paris Saclay
Computing punctured log Gromov--Witten invariantsĀ via wall-crossing

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