Boston University Geometry and Physics Seminar
Spring 2021

Wed. 4:00 - 5:00 via Zoom unless specified

Jan 27th
Valentino Tosatti
McGill University
Smooth asymptotics for collapsing Ricci-flat metrics
Feb 3th
Cheuk-Yu Mak
University of Edinburgh
Non-displaceable Lagrangian links in four-manifolds
Feb 10th
Sam Payne
University of Texas, Austin
Top weight cohomology of M_g
Feb 17th


Tony Yue Yu
Université Paris-Sud, Paris-Saclay
Frobenius structure conjecture and application to cluster algebras
Feb 24th


Hariharan Narayanan
Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
Testing the manifold hypothesis and fitting a manifold of large reach to noisy data
Mar 3rd
Suvrit Sra
Accelerated gradient methods on Riemannian manifolds
Mar 10th
Travis Mandel
University of Oklahoma
Tropical multiplicities from polyvector fields and QFT
Mar 17th
Olivier Schiffmann
Université de Paris-Sud ORSAY
Cohomological Hall algebras, Yangians and Kleinian surface singularities
Mar 24th
Umut Varolgunes
Stanford University
Computations in relative symplectic cohomology
Mar 31st
Andy Neitzke
Yale University
An update on hyperkahler metrics on moduli of Higgs bundles
Apr 7th
Pavel Safronov
University of Edinburgh
Kapustin—Witten TQFT on 3-manifolds and derived skein modules
Apr 14th
Oleg Lazarev
Harvard University
Inverting primes in symplectic geometry
Apr 21th
Marco Armenta
Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke
Derived invariance of operations in Hochschild theory
Apr 28
Marco Gualtieri
Univerity of Toronto
Branes, Groupoids, and Quantization

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