Boston University Geometry and Physics Seminar
Spring 2020

Wed. 4:00 - 5:00 in Room MCS B31

Tea: 3:45 - 4:00 in Room MCS B24

Jan 22th
no seminar
Jan 29th
Ignacio Barros
Northeastern University
On product identities and the Chow rings of holomorphic symplectic varieties
Feb 5th
Tim Gabele
Universit├Ąt Hamburg
Tropical correspondence for the log Calabi-Yau pair (P2,E)
Feb 12th
Aliakbar Daemi
Washington University in St. Louis
Unitary Representations of 3-manifold Groups and the Atiyah-Floer Conjecture
Feb 18th
(MCS B31 @ 4:15)
Karen Yeats
University of Waterloo
An arithmetic graph invariant with applications in quantum field theory
Feb 26th
Raymond Vozzo
University of Adelaide
2-gerbes, string structures and all that
Mar 4th
Rodrigo Barbosa
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
G2 Geometry, Higgs Bundles and D-Branes
Mar 11th
Spring Recess

Mar 20th (Fri 1-2pm)
Hsian-Hua TsengCanceled
Ohio State University
Relative and orbifold Gromov-Witten invariants
Mar 25th
Helge Ruddat Canceled
Universitat Hamburg
Apr 1st
Valentino Tossati
Apr 8th

Apr 15th
Angela Gibney Canceled
Rutgers New Brunswick
Apr 22th (B39)
Guangbo Xu
Texas A&M
Apr 29th (B39)
Yang Li

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