Topology - Autumn 2011 - F10PC1 and F11PE1

Lectures: all in CM G.01
  • Tue 15:15-16:15
  • Thu 11:15-12:15
  • Fri 9:15-10:15
  • Fri 10:15 - 11:15 in CM G.01 (F10PC1 only)
  • Fri 13:15 - 14:15 in SR 213B (F11PE1 only)

Contact Information

Instructor: Margaret Beck
Office: CM G.15
Phone: 01314 513206
Email: M.Beck -at-

  • Regular lectures completed: Just to clarify, the regular lectures have now been completed. The only scheduled meeting times during weeks 11 and 12 are the revisions lectures, explained below. During weeks 11 and 12 we will not meet during lecture times on Tuesdays or Fridays, or during the tutorial times. (Posted 18 Nov.)
  • Revision lectures and extra help: There will be two revision lectures, on the Thursdays 24 Nov and 1 Dec at 11:15 in CM G.01. Also, please feel free to stop by my office at any time during weeks 11 and 12. If I am there I would be happy to help with your revisions. Generally speaking, mornings are good times to stop by, as there are often seminars and things in the afternoons that I attend. (Although I am often in during the afternoons, as well.) Also, I am not usually around on Wednesdays. If you prefer to set up an appointment with me at a particular time, just send me an email to arrange it. (Posted 18 Nov)
  • Sample exam posted: please see the section below on practice test and exam info. (Posted 15 Nov)
  • Remaining tutorial sheets and solutions posted: all remaining tutorial sheets and their solutions, inculding the solutions for the additional exercises for students in F11PE, have been posted below. (Posted 15 Nov)
  • F11PE additional reading: please see the information posted below. (Posted 27 Oct)
  • Absence next week: There will be no lectures or tutorials on Thursday and Friday, 3-4 Nov, because I will be away. (Posted 27 Oct)
  • Practice Exam: The practice test, as described in the "Feedback" section of the syllabus, will take place on Tuesday, 25 Oct, during lecture. (Posted 11 Oct)
  • Online resources: There has been a general request for more course material to be placed online. Please see the section below entitled "online resources." (Posted 7 Oct)
  • Week 1 tutorials: we will meet during this time, and I will give a lecture. (I will give the same lecture in both tutorials.) This is to make up for a lecture we will miss later in the semester. (Posted 13 Sept)

Course Info

Tutorial sheets and Handouts

F11PE Additional Reading

The additional reading for those students registered in F11PE is chapter 4, section 3, of the book "Basic Topology," by M. A. Armstrong. This is pages 73-78, regarding topological groups. I will pass out a photocopy of these pages in tutorial on Friday, Oct 28. Your final exam will include a question regarding this material. Note that this handout also contains section 4, regarding orbit spaces. You will not be examined on section 4. I have included it because I think it is interesting, and I thought you might, as well. To prepare for the final exam, you should do problems 13-20 on page 78. I will post solutions for these problems in a couple weeks.

Solutions to exercises on topological groups: [.pdf] file. (Posted 15 Nov)

Online resources

For resources to supplement what is discussed in lecture, I suggest consulting either the books listed on the syllabus, both of which are available in the library, or the following book, which is available electronically through the Heriot-Watt Library: (This means that, if you are on campus or are off campus and have a university account, you can view, download, and print .pdf files of all chapters of this book.) It provides a nice explanation, as well as additional examples, for most of the topics that will be covered in this course.

Also, the Topology page of Wikipedia is very good, and this main page has links to more detailed descriptions of many of the topics that will be discussed in class. Of course, as with any open web resource, you should check any proof/result that's stated there before you assume that it is true.

Unfortunately, I do not have lecture notes suitable for online publication. If you miss a lecture, the best thing to do is to obtain the notes from a classmate. Of course, ideally you'd be attending all the lectures yourself.

Practice test and final exam info